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Walmart Asking for Packages Be Delivered By Employees

The latest tactic by Walmart in its battle against Amazon the online behemoth is asking its employees to deliver orders received online while they head home after work. The idea, said executives at Walmart on Thursday, is to slash costs on the last-mile for deliveries, when packages are taken to the customer’s home, often times […]

Profit Falls at Walmart, but Beats Expectations

Walmart Stores profit was down 1.3% during its fiscal year first quarter, but a surge in e-commerce and strong sales in the U.S. showed how the retailer continues to attract consumers during a challenging time in the industry. The company posted $3.04 billion of net income equal to $1 a share, for its quarter that […]

Walmart and Apple Keep Pledges for Climate Control

Many of the largest corporations in the United States including Walmart and Apple will stick to the pledges they made to fight against climate change even though President Donald Trump is gutting the environmental policies of his predecessor. Companies say promises they made, coordinated with the previous White House administration, reflect pushes they have made […]

Walmart Launching Grocery War Against Aldi

Walmart Stores is currently running a new test of price comparison in 1,200 or more stores in the U.S. and squeezing suppliers of packaged goods in an attempt to close the gap in pricing with Aldi the chain of discount grocery stores based in Germany along with other rivals in the U.S. such as Kroger. […]

Walmart Latest Retailer Making Vow to Use Cage-Free Eggs

Walmart, the largest food seller in the U.S. is committing to using only cage-free eggs, which scored a massive win for those supporting animal rights as well as sustainability. The largest retailer in the world announced that U.S. Walmart as well as Sam’s Clubs stores are going to transition to 100% cage free egg supply […]