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Store Count at SUBWAY Contracts for First Time Ever

For just the first time since the first Subway opened, more U.S. stores were closed than were opened the prior year. The worldwide sandwich shop has bragged for years that there were more Subways around the world than any other chain of restaurants. However, during 2016, the sandwich chain shuttered more stores than were opened, […]

SUBWAY Has Denied Reports Its Chicken is 50% Chicken

A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigation has investigated chicken sandwiches in six restaurant chains through the use of DNA testing. The results it reported were that McDonald’s Chicken was 85% chicken, Wendy’s chicken sandwich was 88.5% chicken, A&W’s Grilled chicken was 89.4% chicken and the Chipotle Chicken Wrap at Tim Horton’s was 86.5% chicken. However, SUBWAY’s […]