BidaskClub upgraded shares of Westamerica Bancorporation (NASDAQ:WABC) from a sell rating to a hold rating in a research report sent to investors on Tuesday, BidAskClub reports.

Separately, Maxim Group reiterated a hold rating on shares of Westamerica Bancorporation in a report on Monday, April 22nd.

NASDAQ WABC opened at $60.55 on Tuesday. The firm has a 50-day moving average of $61.10. The company has a market capitalization of $1.62 billion, a P/E ratio of 21.97 and a beta of 0.99. Westamerica Bancorporation has a 12 month low of $52.05 and a 12 month high of $65.39.

Westamerica Bancorporation (NASDAQ:WABC) last released its quarterly earnings data on Thursday, April 18th. The financial services provider reported $0.73 EPS for the quarter. The business had revenue of $50.57 million during the quarter. Westamerica Bancorporation had a return on equity of 12.03% and a net margin of 37.12%.

The firm also recently announced a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Friday, August 23rd. Shareholders of record on Friday, August 9th will be paid a $0.12 dividend. This represents a $0.48 dividend on an annualized basis and a yield of 0.79%.

In other Westamerica Bancorporation news, SVP George S. Ensinger sold 1,000 shares of the business’s stock in a transaction dated Tuesday, April 30th. The stock was sold at an average price of $64.01, for a total value of $64,010.00. Following the completion of the transaction, the senior vice president now directly owns 2,482 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $158,872.82. The transaction was disclosed in a legal filing with the SEC, which can be accessed through this hyperlink. 4.40% of the stock is currently owned by insiders.

A number of large investors have recently bought and sold shares of the business. Amundi Pioneer Asset Management Inc. acquired a new position in shares of Westamerica Bancorporation during the first quarter worth about $136,000. Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. bought a new stake in Westamerica Bancorporation during the first quarter worth about $223,000. Everence Capital Management Inc. bought a new stake in Westamerica Bancorporation during the first quarter worth about $248,000. Hanson McClain Inc. raised its holdings in Westamerica Bancorporation by 8.8% during the first quarter. Hanson McClain Inc. now owns 4,223 shares of the financial services provider’s stock worth $261,000 after acquiring an additional 343 shares in the last quarter. Finally, Genovese Burford & Brothers Wealth & Retirement Plan Management LLC bought a new stake in Westamerica Bancorporation during the first quarter worth about $311,000. 82.46% of the stock is owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

Westamerica Bancorporation Company Profile

Westamerica Bancorporation provides banking solutions. The bank offers demand deposits and interest and non-interest bearing time and savings deposits. The company's deposits include jumbo deposits and retail time deposits. The company provides commercial and industrial loans, consumer loans, commercial real estate loans, and other loans and leases.

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