Forums on the internet are filling up with reports of issues with the newly released iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. A considerable number of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) fans have been complaining about their expensive new phone’s performance. The public release of the iPhone XS devices and iOS 12 occurred roughly two weeks ago.

None of the problems reported so far are particularly catastrophic. One of the main problems some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users appear to be having is that they are getting worse reception than they used to in certain areas. Some have complained of the signal cutting out intermittently. Apple’s recent shift from Qualcomm modems to those made by Intel may be part of the problem. Others are pointing the finger at Apple’s new antenna design.

Other frequently reported complaints involve iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices that won’t charge when plugged into a Lightning cable. While some of them will begin charging if you wake the device, others apparently won’t charge via cable at all. Not all devices experience the problem and the ones affected don’t experience it all the time. Wireless charging appears to be working fine.

There also appears to be an issue with the front-facing selfie camera. Users are complaining of excessive skin-smoothing in photos taken with the iPhone XS camera. The camera’s new Smart HDR feature combines multiple exposures to produce a better image, making more textured images, like photos of skin, appear to be smoother. In some cases, it can make the people in the photo appear unnatural.

It’s not necessarily a surprise that a new iPhone with new software will suffer from a few bugs. There are often bugs that don’t show up until millions of people are using the new software and new devices. In 2010, the company had to deal with Antennagate, an issue that caused the iPhone 4 to lose reception if you held it a certain way. Last year’s iOS 11.1 had a glitch that prevented some users from typing the letter “i.” Just like always, the company will take it in stride and attempt to find fixes to the issues as fast as possible.