Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX), the world’s biggest coffee chain, is opening an upmarket roastery and cafe in Milan. The store will be the Seattle-based coffee giant’s first location in Italy. The company is also planning to start rolling out regular cafes across Italy this year. The company plans to open four traditional cafes in Milan with local partner, Antonio Percassi, by the end of this year.

The new location was built inside an elegant, century-old palazzo renovated by the company along the Piazza Cordusio, a few blocks away from The Duomo. The venue features a green industrial-scale roaster, marble counters, and brass engravings to fit in with the local architecture.

The new Starbucks location is likely to attract customers looking for a more complete experience. The location will serve coffee in more than 100 different ways, showcasing the roasting and brewing process. The 2,300-square-metre store will also offer cocktails and catering.

Starbucks chairman emeritus Howard Schultz was inspired to develop Starbucks during a visit to Italy in the 1980s. Italy is the world’s fourth-largest consumer of coffee. Schultz says he was struck by the rapport between baristas and their clients. This inspiration led to the present-day Starbucks. Starbucks now spans almost 29,000 stores worldwide.

Schultz said, “I’ve dreamed about opening in Italy for so many years and to be able to open the Roastery and the response we’ve gotten over the last week from the Italians who have seen it, I think, just speaks volumes to the fact that we’ve tried to be very humble, respectful of the Italian heritage and at the same time really do everything we’ve learned over many, many years and bring it to life in ways that the Italians have never seen before.”

The Roastery in Milan officially opens on Friday, September 7, the anniversary of the day Schultz joined Starbucks in 1982.