Apple Music has announced that it has reached 50 million users, a significant milestone. Apple Music touted having 38 million subscribers in March, but that didn’t include the people listening with three-month free trials. Last month, the company reportedly passed 40 million subscribers, with 8 million free trials.

Apple launched its Apple Music streaming service in 2015. Based on the recent number counts that Apple has disclosed, Apple Music has been adding paying members to its service at a roughly 2-million-a-month rate. The numbers suggest that Apple will have about 60 million paid subscribers before the holiday season, which would mark three years after launch.

Apple Music has more subscribers than any other competitors – except Spotify. Spotify has 75 million paying members and 170 million people using the service. Assuming Spotify maintains consistent growth of subscribers, it will have about 90 million paid subscribers by the start of the holiday season. Spotify is increasing at a monthly rate of 2 percent, while Apple’s growth rate is 5 percent and Spotify had an eight-year head start on Apple.

Apple resisted the subscription streaming music model for years, but changed its tune as streaming grew to become the main way people listen and pay for music. It then had to play catch up to the other music streaming services already in operation. To increase its member count quickly, Apple Music has leaned on heavy marketing and exclusives for hit albums. The tactic appears to be working out well for the company.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed that Apple is preparing to launch a video content business next. Cook said during an interview, “We are very interested in the content business. We will be playing in a way that is consistent with our brand. We’re not ready to give any details on it yet. But it’s clearly an area of interest.”

Industry experts are expecting the company to make a strong push into television and movies. In 2017, reports indicated that Apple was investing approximately $1 billion into original video programming. Since October, Apple has made deals to produce 12 projects, including nine “straight-to-series” orders. t is believed that Apple’s efforts are being targeted for rollout somewhere between March 2019 and the summer of 2019.