Netflix Inc. announced Monday that he acquired Millarworld the comics publisher that brings aboard a renowned comic book writer in Mark Millar and a host of different character franchises that it can use for its television shows and movies.

This is Netflix’s first acquisition in the 20 years it has been the pioneer for streaming video. It is building a huge library of original films and series in its bid to attract new customers across the world.

Two of the best known comics in Millarworld – Kingsman and Kick-Ass – are not included in the deal. Terms of the deal were not disclosed by Netflix.

The purchase by Netflix of this group of comic characters mimics strategy of Walt Disney, as Disney acquired Marvel Studios back in 2009 and since has turned out huge blockbuster movies, television series and toys all based upon its lineup of superheroes. Some of the Marvel shows can be seen on Netflix.

Scottish writer Mark Millar is a former employee of Marvel and he and wife Lucy run Millarworld. Three of the franchises of Millarworld – Kick-Ass, Kingsman and Wanted – have been adapted to the big screen and earned over 913 million combined at worldwide box offices.

Although Kingsman and Kick-Ass are not included in this deal, it does give Netflix a range of other character franchises across different genres from fantasy to science fiction, plus real-world and superhero characters.

Millar is the closest thing to a modern day Stan Lee, said the CCO of Netflix Ted Sarandos. The content chief for Netflix was referring to the creator of comic books like Avengers, X-Men and Spider-Man, who is 94 years of age.

Millar worked for eight years with Marvel, where he worked developing comic books as well as different story lines that became movies like Captain America: Civil war and Logan.

It is not clear if Netflix will be spending the amount of money Marvel does on movies, which have budgets as high as $250 million. The development of Netflix has focused on television series and movies that are smaller budget, but is moving in the direction of big budget productions for the big screen.

Netflix spent over $90 million to produce Bright a movie starring Will Smith due for release in December.

One analyst said that comic book adaptations have been drawing large audiences on Netflix. Netflix in July posted revenue for its second quarter of $2.79 billion with net income reaching $65.5 million.