Just how well does Snapchat succeed at keeping users on the service. Figures about the popularity of Snapchat have been released before, but now the company is pitching about how much time each of its users spend on the app each day.

Given the little time most people have to watch different videos, you probably would be surprised at the figure.

According to officials at Snapchat, which confirmed recently the figures with an international magazine, the daily active users of the app spend between 25 and 30 minutes every day, using the app.

Over 60% of those daily users are actively making their own content.

However, with that being said it its unknown how many of the users of Snapchat are engaging actively with content that comes from some of the existing partnerships on Snapchat.

According to a poll recently released, close to 23% of those that responded said they had watched Discover or Live Stories content on Snapchat, which are the two partnerships Snapchat has with different brands that put content on the Stories tab of Snapchat.

Among users in the age range of between 13 and 24 who said they used Discover and Live Stories during some period, only 44% said they were using it regularly each day.

That is not bad but Snapchat would be the first to say the number increasing would be a great sight for them to see.

Yet if you speak to the company, you will see it has figures for an age bracket that is similar, meant to convey to its advertisers, particularly advertisers from television, that Snapchat has become a better platform for them when it comes to throwing money.

Snapchat, said officials at the app, reaches close to 41% of every 18 to 34 year old across the United States. In that same survey, the top 15 networks on television in the U.S. reach only 6% of that same age bracket.

Snapchat, therefore, is an excellent way to come in touch with young people and they along with other users of Snapchat spending a large amount of time on that app.