Many are anticipating the long awaited U.S. launch of Android Pay by Google this week. Android Pay will give a large number of folks a new way to pay for things across the country. The new mobile payment system will allow people in the U.S. to pay for products in more than 700,000 retail locations using their mobile phones.

The reason for the anticipation is an employee notice posted in McDonald restaurants this week that allude to the mobile payment system going live on Wednesday. The McDonald’s notice tells employees to remind themselves of the service procedures by reviewing the training materials provided regarding Android Pay. The notice states that Android Pay will be available for McDonald’s customers to use starting on August 26.

Using Android Pay is expected to be simple for consumers. Android Pay relies on the phone having an NFC (near-field communication) chip to make a payment by touching their phone to the payment reader. The software needed to use the mobile payment system is already embedded in most smartphones, so all a consumer has to do is link a credit or debit card to the new service.

Identity verification is provided via the phone’s fingerprint scanner. Android Pay will create a one-time credit card number for each transaction to make the transactions and the payer’s financial information more secure. Google has a reputation for launching new or updated apps on Wednesdays so, given that August 26th is a Wednesday, it is possible we’ll see Android Pay launch then.

McDonald’s and Macy’s were previously announced as two of the retailers where Android Pay would be initially available. McDonald’s is set to be a major partner for Android Pay, due to its more than 14,000 restaurants in the US. As a major partner, McDonald’s is likely to have been informed by Google in advance of Android Pay’s release.

However, it is possible that Google will wait to launch Android Pay in spite of the McDonald’s notices. It may choose to launch the new service along with its next mobile operating system update, dubbed Android Marshmallow, in the third quarter of 2015. Google has previously said that Android Pay will arrive at the same time as the new update. The fact that Google has no Android M event currently scheduled casts further doubt on the validity of the McDonald’s document.