President Donald Trump might be planning to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, but that has not kept Mexico from approving some new trademarks for his different brands.

Approval was given by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Properties for a number of trademarks for Trump brands, covering operations such as construction, insurance, financial services and hotels. This was first reported on Sunday by the Associated Press.

The different trademarks received authorization October 6, about one month prior to being elected U.S. president and on February 21, about one month after his presidential inauguration, reported the AP citing records.

The different trademarks, which expired during 2015, are in the name of Donald Trump. The latest authorizations list DTTM Operations LLC as the owner, with a Trump Tower address.

The Trump Organization’s chief legal officer Alan Garten said there were no special favors given to the organization by the Mexican government.

Garten said that Trump’s organization was not granted anything special that it already had from before as the initial trademarks were from over a year ago even before Trump announced his presidential candidacy.

He said that the trademarks were defensive, designed as a way to protect the business interests of Trump.

Last week a report said that China had granted a preliminary approval for 38 trademarks of Trump as he and his family attempt to launch their branded businesses there, including golf clubs and hotel chains.

However, ethics advocates in the United States have questioned its timing, as they say it could be a violation of the U.S. Constitution, as it bans U.S. public officials from accepting anything that has value from any foreign government.

The approval in Mexico prompted more concern from the different ethics watchdogs. One lawyer who specialized in ethics cases in a prior White House administration said the approval was in a “gray” area.

Since his election in November of 2016, President Trump has come under heavy criticism over his business holdings and how they can be or are unethical while he is president.

Although, he did put his holdings into a trust operated by his oldest son, many feel that he still plays a huge role in their operation and are upset that more has not been done legally to change that.