When Safra Catz the co-CEO of Oracle meets on Wednesday in Manhattan with president-elect Donald Trump, she will offer support and will make suggestions on how Trump can strengthen the technology industry in the U.S.

Catz said she is planning to tell Trump that the tech industry is with him and willing to help any way it can. If he is able to reform the U.S. tax code, lower regulation and negotiate trade deals that are better, the tech industry in the U.S. will become strong as well as more competitive.

Catz is No. 10 on the list of Most Powerful Women released by Fortune and is just one of many CEO in the tech industry that will meet on Wednesday with Trump in New York City.

Others on the list of top ranking female executives who will attend the summit include Ginni Rometty the CEO of IBM and Sheryl Sandberg the COO at Facebook.

Given the history Trump has of making unsavory comments about females, the inclusion of top business leaders who are female is notable and welcoming said one top analyst on Wall Street.

The meeting on Wednesday comes after the technology industry opposed Trump on a broad basis, motivated by worries from telecom regulation to data privacy. One other huge concern for the sector is the possible impact of the immigration stance of Trump on tech hiring.

Silicon Valley showed its political allegiance during the campaign as they donated 60 times as much to Hillary Clinton’s campaign as compared to Trumps.

However, as Trump continues to tap business CEO’s for his high profile administration positions, including Rex Tillerson the CEO at Exxon for Secretary of State, a number of executives seem more willing to aide Trump.

Rometty from IBM, for example, is already on a strategic forum of Trump’s, which is a collection of top business leaders that will be providing individual views to Trump.

Rometty in a piece that was published Tuesday in the USA Today promised that IBM would hire 25,000 U.S. professional over the upcoming four years.

Catz has reportedly had meetings with the transition team of Trump about a possible post on the cabinet. There are not many details known about the alleged meeting, but rumors have spread that a position such as Secretary of the Treasury could be in line for Catz.

Catz is Oracle’s co-CEO along with Mark Hurd and ranked this year as the highest paid member of the powerful women’s list.