Delta Air Lines based in the U.S. is facing a public relations nightmare after a family alleged they had been removed from a flight for refusing to give up their child’s seat.

A member of the flight’s crew could be heard on a video on YouTube saying it was a federal offense and you and your wife could be jailed and your children will be put in foster care.

The video has had over 2 million views.

Delta announced that it was sorry for an unfortunate experience and would be compensating the family.

This incident comes after a case in which Dr. David Dao, a passenger, was injured when being removed from a flight on United Airlines in March. The doctor has since settled out of court for a sum that was undisclosed.

The latest airline incident took place on a Delta flight that was schedule to fly to Los Angeles from Maui April 23, but has just come to light after the posting of the video online.

The video, which is eight minutes in length, shows passenger Brian Schear arguing he paid for a seat, while members of the crew try convincing him to give the seat up on a flight Schear claims had been overbooked.

Schear claimed he originally booked that seat for a son, who took a flight earlier to make sure another one of his children would have the seat.

One member of the crew told him initially that the other son was the one for that seat so his toddler would not be able to sit in it.

His son, who is two, was in a child safety seat, which members of the crew claimed was banned under regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration and the child would therefore have to sit in the lap of an adult.

However, that contradicts the published advice of Delta that says for children less than two years old the airline recommends a seat be purchased and an approved safety seat used.

Delta’s advice said an infant less than two is allowed to be held in the lap of their parents if they choose to do so.

An employee with Delta then said to Schear that the plane was not moving and could sit there the entire night if they wanted that.

Despite Schear relenting later and finally agreeing to hold his child, crew members told him that he and his family would be removed.

Schear responded to that by saying there was no where he or his family including a pair of infants could go the crew member said, “You guys are on your own.”