Christina Grimmie the 22-year old singer who appeared on the Voice was fatally shot. Her publicist told reporters that Grimmie has died after being shot following her concert.

The shooting took place at the end of a concert in Orlando, Florida and she did not survive her wounds.

Grimmie was a former contestant on the Voice and was taken to a hospital nearby after being shot by a male suspect who then shot himself.

Members of Before You Exit, a popular band were with fans signing autographs following their concert at Plaza Live in Orlando when the male suspect walked up to Grimmie at close range and fired.

When officers arrived on scene, they located the male suspect, who had died and a victim who was injured gravely. The victim, Grimmie, was then taken to a nearby hospital suffering from critical wounds.

Eyewitnesses told police detectives that the shooting suspect, who at this time has not yet been identified, walked up toward Christina and opened fire.

Immediately after that, Christina’s brother tackled the shooter and stopped him from causing any more harm to Grimmie and her fans.

During the struggle between the suspect and Grimmie’s brother, the suspect was able to find the weapon then shoot himself. He was pronounced dead at the shooting scene a short time later.

In 2014, Grimmie took part in the sixth season of the Voice. Her unique soundly voice caused the four coaches on the panel to turn their chairs to look, but in the end, she joined Adam Levine.

When the news was released of the shooting and Grimmie’s condition, the Voice made a tweet that is was heartbroken as one of its biggest members was lost.

Levine posted a photo of he and Christina during her time on the Voice. He wrote that he was saddened, shocked and very confused over what took place.

The Levine tweet added that he loved Grimmie very much and that everyone was praying hard that she would survive, as the shooting was not fair.

Earlier in 2016, Grimmie released a second EP, known as Side A, which has four songs with plans to release Side B at a different time.

Witnesses to the shooting said they heard as many as six shots ring out and then saw Grimmie on the ground, suffering from fatal gunshot wounds.

Grimmie finished third in the Voice’s sixth season back in 2014.