Amazon’s holiday season has been very lucrative thus far, after the online e-commerce behemoth said it shipped over 1 billion products and there is still more to come.

According to data released by the company, the smart speakers line Amazon Echo has had sales in the million at a rate that is 9 times greater that the holiday season of 2015.

Amazon said the holiday this year was its best ever and that the voice-controlled Echo speakers were amongst its most popular items.

Echo as well as Echo Dot were the two best selling products this year at Amazon and the company is thrilled over the millions of new clients that will be introduced to Alexa due to that, said Jeff Wilke Worldwide Consumer CEO at Amazon.

Wilke admitted that Amazon had problems keeping up with the high demand but the company knew that would happen. The speakers were sold out completely online the week before Christmas, which indicated clearly that Amazon was indeed struggling to keep them in stock.

The smart speakers are very popular around the globe due to how versatile and useful they are, with the Alexa virtual assistant playing a big role.

Alexa is currently offering a broad range of different options from shopping Amazon to helping in the kitchen to reading stories at bedtime and is getting smarter on a regular basis gaining more skills.

If the Amazon Echo speakers were purchased or were received as a gift this holiday shopping season Amazon has a guide for the best skill Alexa has to help.

The impressive sales at Amazon come amidst greater competition from Google, which launched just recently its own smart speaker known as Google Home.

Aside from the great success of Echo, Amazon released other interesting stats that are related to its overall success during the holiday season.

Amazon said it shipped over 1 billion items through its program Amazon Prime and its Prime Now delivery service was its busiest December 23.

Prime Now gives speedy deliveries worldwide in one to two hours and during this year, it has three times the number of purchases compared to last year.

Amazon revealed as well that over 72% of shoppers during the holiday placed orders from mobile devices. The e-commerce giants noted as well that this holiday shopping season, its shipping worldwide reached its peak December 19.

The busiest Prime Now delivery day was December 23.