Fighting to close the gap with Amazon and other e-commerce sites, Walmart announced on Wednesday it would begin offering discounts on thousands of its items that are ordered online, if those ordering them will then head to their nearest store and pick the order up.

During a time when traditional brick and mortar stores are seeing declines in shoppers who instead prefer to order things online, Walmart’s newest deal allows the largest retailer in the world to offer the relaxation of shopping online, taking advantage of the thousands of locations it has, cutting costs and still offering convenience.

Shoppers save delivery costs and have their orders quicker, and they might even decide when picking them up to stay and shop some more.

Beginning on April 19, customers will receive discounts on close to 10,000 items that range from TVs to car seats that are available exclusively online. That selection of products will increase to over 1 million before the end of June.

Walmart said that it was passing along a percentage of the savings it reaped from relying on a fleet of its own trucks to drop the items off at Walmart’s more than 4,700 stores, instead of paying substantial costs of delivering them to the homes of customers.

We are leveraging the unique assets of Walmart, said Marc Lore its CEO of U.S. eCommerce. He added that Walmart is able to offer the savings through eliminating one of e-commerce’s most expensive parts.

The discounts will vary, with the cut in price depending upon the amount of money Walmart saves on costs of shipping, said Lore. However, for items shipped through freight, such as a large flat-panel television, the saving could be quite significant.

For example, a Vizio SmartCast HDTV that is 70-inches will have a discount of $50 off its normal price when ordered online and then picked up.

The bigger and the heavier an item is the more discount it will have as it saves Walmart more money when it comes to shipping it via freight.

The discounting and shipping wars taking place between Walmart and Amazon the giant of e-commerce have heated up over the past few months.

This past January, Walmart said that close to 2 million of its products that were the most popular would qualify for free shipping over two days if the customer spends $35 or more. Now they have taken it even further with the news discounts being offered for online ordering with store pickup.