Canada Goose enjoyed a hugely successful initial public offering debut as its shares surged over 25%. However, outside the company’s walls anyone that was seen with a pricey coat sold by the company faced a long gauntlet of activists protesting for animal rights.

Protestors told those wearing a Canada Goose coat that they paid a person to murder a coyote. Others chased people wearing the coats and chastised them for animal cruelty.

The activists wore coyote masks and on the day of the IPO debut for Canada Goose and did not have a shortage of targets wearing the company’s products.

It seemed ever couple of minutes a pedestrian would walk by wearing the Canada Goose $900 product and the activists would pounce, while police officers looked on from across the street.

Some activists howled, others just screamed at the pedestrians, but in all it had only the usual antics from the protesters.

The morning for Canada Goose was a success as it raised more than $256 million in its debut on Wall Street that increased its valuation making it worth more than any other luxury retailer.

A protest of the use of the company’s fur did not factor into the price of the IPO, yet the company now has become a bigger target for the activists and that could affect the new public company.

The business behind the expensive coats might be impervious to the protesting, but no business enjoys the ugly scenes in front of their own stores and the possible alienation of Hollywood celebrities who helped the brand build itself to what it is today.

The dangers prompted Canada Goose, based in Toronto, to list the protests as possible risks in the prospectus it game possible investors.

The filing said the company was a target of animal-rights activists on prior occasions and might be going forward.

However, damage has not arrived yet. No sales declines have been experienced, said CEO of the company Dani Reiss during a Thursday interview.

He insisted as well that the company sources its materials both sustainably and ethically and recognizes that to wear fur or not to wear it is a personal choice.

Many public relations companies warn their current clients and potential clients that they should not underestimate the ferocity and persistence of PETA.

Canada Goose allows shoppers to decide if they want a hood that is coyote fur fringed or not, while the goose-feather insulation is a requisite when buying.