Kellogg, the food maker that is the owner of brands such as Pop-Tarts, and Pringles, confirmed this week that it would no longer run advertising on the controversial online site

The site is a far-right commentary and news site that was run formerly by Steven Bannon who has been chosen to be a top aide to President-elect Donald Trump.

Breitbart has been under heavy fire from users of social media recently as consumers have become angered by what they call its sexist, anti-Semitic and racist content and started to publicly name the site’s advertisers.

Bannon was the executive chairman at Breitbart News up to when he left to run the presidential campaign of the then GOP nominee Donald Trump.

He had been scheduled to return to his post at Breitbart following the election, but was named by Trump earlier this month as his chief strategist, which stirred more of the critics of the site to call out the content it carries and appeal to the site’s advertisers.

A spokesperson with Kellogg said the company works regularly with its partners in media buying as a way to ensure its ads are not appearing on sites that are not aligned with the company’s values.

The spokesperson added that this process involves reviewing all the websites where the ads might possibly be placed using a technology filtering process to assess content of the site. There are almost an endless number of sites, which means on occasion something is missed inadvertently.

In this particular case, the company learned via the consumer that its ads had been on and made the decision to stop running ads on that site, said the company’s spokesperson.

Bannon, during an interview, has said that he is not a White nationalist, as a number of people have asserted, but a nationalist, an economic nationalist, he added.

Other large companies already have said through Twitter that they are going to discontinue their advertising on the news site. Those that have made that decision to stop advertising included Novo Nordisk a maker of pharmaceuticals, Warby Parker an eyeglass maker as well as the San Diego Zoo.

In addition, AppNexus, which is one of the biggest advertising networks online, has blocked Breitbart.