On Friday, a number of Facebook users including Mark Zuckerberg the social media giant’s founder, were declared dead on the site. After the problem had been fixed, the company acknowledged that they committed a terrible error.

During just a brief time on Friday a message that was meant for memorializing profiles had been posted by mistake on other current accounts, said a company spokesperson.

Media reports said that close to two million memorials were errantly posted on different profile pages.

The co-founder and CEO at Facebook Mark Zuckerberg had a memorial posted on his page that expressed hope that people who had loved him would take great comfort in the posts people shared as a tribute to him.

The online social network behemoth apologized as well as said it took quick action to correct its mistake.

The memorial notices, that were mistakenly posted, contained links to different forms that are able to be submitted to have accounts of people at the leading site for social networking modified to become online memorials following their death.

Part of this process is showing a proof of death, while some wondered if the mishap was a botched promotion for testing for the promotion instead of an actual software glitch.

One poster put that he thought this was the way Facebook flags people who died while living outside the U.S.

Some users quipped that Facebook’s mistake shook their confidence in the feature used by Facebook for checking on others after natural disasters, or the claim that hoax stories were not worry for the social network.

Zuckerberg, who was not dead, defended the New Feed stories integrity while onstage in California the night prior to being memorialized online.

Zuckerberg rejected any idea by others that the bogus stories shared on the social media giant paved the way for Donald Trump to be the President Elect.

The thought that fake news that was on Facebook, which is a small fraction of the overall content, influenced how any would think is a crazy idea, said Zuckerberg while on stage giving a talk during a conference.

The Facebook News Feed has now evolved from just being a sharing device for personal tidbits, with family or friends to an all-important platform for news.