The new Tesla battery pack is about going long distances, and about driving faster than any car that has been mass produced has gone before.

Tesla announced its new version of is sedan the Model S and its crossover Model X, with a much longer battery range and significantly faster acceleration.

The electric carmaker claims the new Model S P100D in the Ludicrous mode is the world’s fastest production car when it comes to acceleration.

Tesla compared the vehicle to that of the Porsche 918 Spyder and the La Farrari, which were much faster but both had limited runs, while the new Tesla vehicles are to be factory produced for use by the general public.

This new Model S has a battery that is 100 kilowatt hours, with an EPA range of approximately 315 miles. Elon Musk the CEO at Tesla said the announcement of the two new vehicles would send a message out to the public that the future is sustainable transport.

However, following the announcement, shares of SolarCity and Tesla pared their early gains. At the close of business on Tuesday both remained up just slightly.

The new Model X P100D, which has the Ludicrous mode as well, a mode for performance that allows through electronics for an increase in acceleration, is setup to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and having a single charge battery life of 289 miles.

The new Model S P100D starts at a price of $134.500 while the new Model X 100D starts at the price of $135,500.

The battery is available as well for Ludicrous owners as an upgrade in the P90 for both models as just $20,000 along with those customers that have ordered a P90 D for only $10,000.

The original debut of the Ludicrous mode was a $7,500 upgrade in hardware for the P85D that increased the current from that battery and sent more power to the vehicles motor.

Musk said development of the battery has been challenging and that the production volume would be low due to the challenge of manufacturing a pack that is so complex.

The Model 3 is smaller and more affordable vehicle that currently is in the development stage.