Airlines are facing more and more competition daily. The carriers are trying to find ways to attract air passengers to increase the number of passengers on each flight.

United Airlines in its battle to win passengers in its business class has introduced mattresses.

While United tries to lure the business travelers with Instagrammed dishes on a frequent basis that includes mac and cheese with lobster, the airline says that it found following 12,000 hours of research, that the business traveler wants a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, the third-largest carrier in the U.S. is laying out a new cabin for its business class that has sleeping pods with beds that lie flat along with sport duvets and pillows.

The pods are designed to use on international flights that are long-haul, will be in a single file so no one will have to step over anyone, said Thomas O’Toole the CMO at United.

If a passenger snores are not loud enough for the flight attendant to hear, there is a sign “Do Not Disturb,” only one of what the airline calls its sleep enticing amenities. The others include eyeshades that are ergonomically designed and calming lavender mist for the pillow.

This service, which is being called United Polaris by the airline, kicks off December of 2016, beginning with the wide body Boeing 777-300 ER of United.

The air carrier also will be launching a line of business lounged for United Polaris beginning with O’Hare International Airport in Chicago December 1. The rest will be at airports in Newark, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, that will open during 2017.

It is the most recent step by the airline in its quest to revamp its overall image and drive the young travelers to its planes to pay even as they navigate the more and more unpleasant experiences such as security lines that seem to be longer and longer each day.

Oscar Munoz the CEO at United said that by the time you arrive at your seat, most travelers are grumpy and that means the airline starts at a deficit with its passengers.

The airline therefore is hoping that a pair of pajamas by United Polaris and a pillow that is gel-cooled both that are available for customers of United Polaris on flights that are 12 hours or more, will help set at ease the weary traveler.