Tiger Woods has his line of apparel for golf and Michael Jordan his Air Jordan line of shoes.

Now Ruqsana Begum, who is a Muslim muay Thai fighter, launched her own sports hijabs line.

Begum, the champion of Britain for Atomweight muay Thai boxing for females, said she was fighting to be world champion while launching her product during the same time so it is an important time for her.

As a martial arts fighter and Muslim woman of Bangladeshi heritage, Begum called herself a minority of a minority of a minority.

Due to being Muslim, she said she understands a need for having sport hijabs and to feel an empowering by sports hijabs.

While at her family home in London, she said sports need to be open and available to people of all backgrounds including women who are Muslim who may be somewhat intimidated by entering a gym.

The hijab covers the head and is worn by some of the world’s Muslim women. Although Begum does not wear a hijab, she believes there to be market for the stretchable, Lycra head covering which will not come loose during fighting and costs $22.50.

Begum was leading a double life previously, when she began training at 18 in 2002, by hiding her involvement in muay Thai from her very traditional parents for a number of years.

Eventually here parents figured it out and learned how to adapt to the changes of today and they have seen her as holding on to her tradition and culture.

Begum became Britain Champion and the British team captain, while winning a gold medal in a competition in Europe and was the 2012 London Olympics torchbearer.

There is one part of her culture she has had to put behind her, she said fasting during Ramadan while training had left her shattered especially following the diagnosis of chronic fatigue back in 2010.

Unlike Woods and Jordan who partnered with companies such as Nike, Begum designed her line and outsourced its manufacturing on her own.