Late Tuesday, Boeing confirmed that it was going through a process of slashing 4,000 jobs that will end before June. In Washington state, the plane maker has over 78,000 employees.

Outside a Renton, Washington company plant, one of the assembly electricians called the job cuts “garbage.”

Workers are very upset because Boeing was given by the state of Washington tax breaks of more than $8.7 billion to ensure new jobs for the 777X would be created in Renton.

Other workers at Boeing were not as worried, as one said that he was not concerned as he had over 30 years working for the company.

Workers knew that some of the cuts were going to take place, but the amount of cuts took many by surprise. In addition, a memo that leaked from the company said there could be as many as 8,000 job cuts before the end of this year.

On Tuesday night, Boeing released a prepared statement that said it continued to follow its plan that last month was announced to make changes for its long term goals to win in the competitive market, fund growth and operate healthy.

That said the statement involves the combination of cost savings that are non-labor, savings in the supply chain and reduce levels of staffing.

It concluded by saying that no reduction target in employment is set, but the more that can be done to control costs overall, the less the impact will be on employment.

Boeing’s CEO told workers recently in an address to the entire company that any cuts would be part of its overall plan of cutting costs to keep up with its biggest competitor Airbus.

Some workers understand the argument of needing to cut costs including jobs to succeed in the ultra-competitive market of plane manufacturing.

One worker said he believed the jobs at some point will be needed once again but not until the company’s business model has been completely adjusted.