Microsoft responded to needs for governments and corporations around the world to focus on concerns over cyber security as they become dangerous more and more every day.

To protect its users from possible identify theft, Microsoft launched Microsoft Password which allows those who use enrolled devices to go through a procedure of authentication that does not make it easy for hackers and those that are determined to steal information.

It combines the biometrics of fingerprint, iris and face authentication with a PIN or personal identification number that keeps others from entering the network.

Since hackers rarely gain access physically to devices, it is a way for employers and employees alike to keep any malcontents from a network when the combination of facial gestures, fingerprint ID and a PIN are used.

In addition, Microsoft rolled out its Credential Guard, which makes attacks using malware less effective through separating credential authentication apart from the other parts of the network.

Microsoft security personnel said that they are seeing more and more brazen cyber attacks as the criminals are becoming more organized. There is also an alarming emergence of attacks that are state-sponsored, cyber terror and cyber espionage, said Microsoft security experts.

Even with a great defense, attackers who are sophisticated are now using zero-day and social engineering vulnerabilities to enter illegally into corporate networks, said Microsoft personnel.

In addition, Microsoft has released Device Guard, which allows its users to make it impossible for malware to be installed on the device through pre-authorizing apps that are allowed to be run.

Windows 10 also has been optimized to remove spyware once detected. This can be done through running Windows in the background as downloads are scanned repeatedly as well as other potential invaders prior to allowing them to run.

The machines will have to be restarted continually by users so updates to software that is anti-virus can be received and installed properly.

Corporations and governments alike will enjoy the new update by Microsoft as it makes their machines that much stronger against possible attacks.