Etsy, Inc was given a big boost in its mobile usage during the shopping season for the holidays, which helped the crafts marketplace online report revenue for the fourth quarter that was better than had been expected, providing the largest dose of positive news for investors in a number of months.

In addition, the company, based in Brooklyn, New York provided new guidance for three years, saying it would be helpful to its investors.

Etsy which went public in April of 2014, said revenue outlook is for an annual compounded growth rate of between 20% and 25% starting this year through 2018.

The battered stock at Etsy went up by 15% in trading after hours. Over the last year, Etsy shares dropped from highs of the IPO, amidst concerns over growing losses, more expenses and new competition, especially with the entry of with Handmade. Last month, shares of Etsy fell to new lows.

During a Tuesday conference call, Etsy executives were able to surprise investors with news that pleased them such as overall expenses in marketing had decelerated during 2015, as they grew by only 68%, compared to a growth of 122% during 2014.

Etsy also pointed out that buyers from outside the U.S. are not spending the same amount as they have during the past, as least from U.S. sellers, because of the strong U.S. dollar and currency fluctuations.

During the fourth quarter, international buyers gross merchandise purchases from sellers in the U.S. were down 13%. That was a factor in the company’s guidance for its gross margins, said CFO Kristina Salen, which was forecasted to be in the mid-60% area by the end of 2018.

Salen said that the guidance did not incorporate any significant rebound in buying from international customers. She also said that the forecast by the company for a rise in its operating expenses included its plans to move to new headquarters in 2016 and costs for regulatory compliance.

A big boost for Etsy came in mobile usage due to improvements in the company’s mobile app.