Linda Martinez РLinda brings 25 years of editing and writing experience to Marea Informative and serves as our editor. She also contributes regularly on small cap companies poised for a breakout as well as international issues.

Gary James – Gary graduated from Long Beach State and still calls the southern California home. he like to focus his energy on social diversity issues and education and has been published on numerous online publications. often stirring the conscience of our readers.

Kayla Sanchez – Kayla contributes in the health and pharmaceutical sector for Marea Informative. Her writing is in high demand and we are fortunate to have her on out team. She graduated from the University of Southern California and now calls San Francisco home.

Renee Jackson –¬†Renee Jackson draws on her decades of experience working with tech companies in the Chicago area to write about a wide assortment of topics under the tech stocks umbrella. Many of her articles focus on the newest innovations in computer technology.

Lisa Williams – While making her home in the midwest, Chicago, Ms. Williams contributes to mutual fund and hedge fund articles with an eye on value for investors .

Lisa Kingston – Ms. Kingston (Lisa K ) recently left New York where she freelanced finance articles to well known publications like Market Watch and CNN Money. She now resides in Oklahoma and focuses on issues that affect the individual investors, swing trading and day traders.