Google made a promise that it would release both Duo and Allo its new video calling and chat apps during this past summer.

Duo was released over a month ago. However, Allo is hardly coming in under the time deadline of the first day of fall.

Allo has now become live, and it gives a rundown of all the important features of the new messaging app from Google. The app is still being rolled out worldwide, and may or may not be available yet for some.

Like with Duo, Allo can be used on both iOS and Android.

Google has received criticism for the fragmented approach it has had to messaging. Android phones are often shipped with Messenger built in, and then came Hangouts, which is also included, with the work offering of Google.

There has been Google Wave, followed by Buzz and then Google+. Google launched its new group centric app for communicating known as Spaces this past summer.

In certain ways, Allo appears to be more Google than the rest. The user attaches the new Allo app to one phone number, like Duo, but its ties are deep into the services of Google. It contains all the typical features of today’s messaging apps: stickers, access to images, and adjusting font sizes.

SmartReply is able to learn the way the user responds to common messages and allows the user to send text as well as emoji responses that suit the user. The more Allo is used, the smarter the suggestions become.

That makes for a nice touch. However, it is the Google Assistant that is going to make Allo or break it. This is the latest evolution of Google Now. Assistant is a helper with conversation.

A user can message @google, to have the site search for the photo the user took the previous week or the most recent score of the Dallas Cowboys or answer simple math problem or almost anything Google Now can be asked and more.

Messages on Allo are not encrypted end to end as the Google Assistant cannot use all that machine learning stuff that is web-based to help if it is not aware of what the user is talking about.

If a conversation wants to be private, the Incognito Mode can be turned on that allows for encryption from end to end and controls the length of time messages remain before they become expired.

Allo is also only for mobile use.

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