Report: Apple Complied in 2008 With First Court Order for iPhone

A review of the track record for Appleā€™s handling of data requests from the government shows that it received and subsequently complied with the first court order in 2008 to unlock an iPhone. An article printed in a national newspaper this week says the first court order received by Apple came from federal investigators involved […]

Google Expected To Launch Android Pay This Week

Many are anticipating the long awaited U.S. launch of Android Pay by Google this week. Android Pay will give a large number of folks a new way to pay for things across the country. The new mobile payment system will allow people in the U.S. to pay for products in more than 700,000 retail locations […]

Apple Invention Shares Photos Automatically With Facial Recognition

In a new invention published Thursday by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Apple outlines a special process for identifying individuals from a digital image by using techniques of facial recognition and then sends out a copy of the image to those people by using associated contact data pulled from an app such as […]